Q: How does the Signature Engraving Scribe work?

A: The Signature Engraving Scribe is designed with a diamond like tip that effortlessly engraves signatures into the metal surface, but writes much like a fine ink pen!  Just write as you would with an ink pen, with slightly more pressure that will make a deeper impression.  The scribes never dull or wear out, in fact many clients have used them after the event to mark other metal objects.  

Q: Will the signatures rub off or smear?

A:  The signatures made with our engraving scribe will never fade or rub off as they are actually engraved into the surface of the metal.

Q: How dark are the signatures? 

A: The signatures made with the Signature Engraving scribe are designed to be very visible, yet subtle and not distract from the photo or engraving.  When Gary invented this product we found that the dark signatures(signed with a Sharpie or ink pen) made on a paper mat board looked very busy and distracted the viewers eyes from the photo.  In addition, paper mat board signed with ink would fade over time. So we developed a metal mat board that was signed with the Signature Engraving scribe directly into the metal surface that can become a lasting keepsake for generations.

Q: What is included with the Memorial Signature Frame?

A: Each frame comes with all that is needed for signing the guestbook: two Signature Engraving Scribes, a polishing cloth, and a 5x7 guest instruction card (frame is not included for this card).  

Q: We would like to offer the Memorial Signature Frame to our clients, how do we purchase your products for resell?  

A: Our wholesale only program is available for businesses in the memorial industry.  Please complete the Signature Partner Program request form to receive more information on getting started.  

Any other questions?  Please Contact Us and we will be happy to answer