Signature Frame Care & Use

Care & Use Instructions

Adding a photo: 

An 8x10 photo can be placed in the opening by simply opening the access door on the rear of the signature frame. 

Display for signing: 

  • The frame should be displayed for signing in a well-lit room so that guests can easily see the signatures on the frame.  Lighting is important for signing.   
  • Lay flat, round table, if available, so that more guests can sign at the same time.
  • We suggest that you have a guest book attendant to be responsible for the guest book.   
  • The 5x7 guest instruction card can be placed in a 5x7 frame for display at your event.  


Two Signature Engraving Scribes are included with your order.  These scribes are very easy to use and write much like an ink pen, only slightly heavier pressure is required.  

Cleaning After Signing:  

A micro-fiber cleaning cloth is included with each frame..  This can be used to remove any fingerprints from the signature mat.  If there is heavy smudges, then a small amount of glass cleaner can be used on the cloth to clean the frame.

Hanging the frame: 

Included with the order is a frame hanger that is easily attached with the included screws.